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    I want to add the rail sections for the purpose of adding a Magpul AFG and a mounting point for a light. I would like to just use the vent holes on the existing handguards. Varg Vikernes, 5:03 AM You can get a FF tube pretty cheap: m/product/ <span title="/nordic-components-slotted-customizable-free-float-tube-handguard-ar-15-aluminum-black." style="border-bottom: 1px dashed #000080;">/nordic-components-slotted-customizable-free-float-tube-handguard-ar-1...</span> Adding rails on regular handguards is gonna look dumb as heck IMHO. RekEnhanced, 10:38 AM m/albums/v239/jonjonkills101/g m/g That s funny it looks good to me. That being said I m not really concerned with how everyone thinks It s gonna look.

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