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    Short Stories: Death By Scrabble by Charlie Fish

    Check the NSA s ERRATA list for the final word. NSA OWL2 Errata (scroll to the bottom) Printable OWL2 Errata pdf note updated, check with NSA website for latest corrections Printable OSPD 4 Errata pdf Includes Errata for OSPD 4 as well as all new expurgated words (shorter than 10 letters) Word Lists 6-to-make-7.txt - Complete 6-to-make-7 s (courtesy of Kevin Turner) in alpha order. 7-to-make-8.txt - Complete 7-to-make-8 s (courtesy of Kevin Turner) in alpha order. 8-to-make-9.txt - Complete 8-to-make-9 s (courtesy of Kevin Turner). Ken Clark s word.

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